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At Mode we believe that every detail matters, so we take the time to understand your individual needs and preferences. Our unique style, planning method, and production process all help create elevated event experiences that are truly special!

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Every Detail Matters

During our initial consultation we sit down with you to discuss all of the event requirements in thorough detail, in order to execute your event as it was imagined.

Drive Sales

Half the battle is getting the consumer’s attention.  Providing a unique live experience draws the highly divided attention of your target market.  We match our services to your event’s purpose and style paying close attention to the details and being consistent with your brand.


Delivering a consistent experience across a marketing campaign is crucial to success.  Whether it is a single event or a national campaign, we over see all DJs, equipment, and staff with the same attention to detail, ensuring that we deliver above and beyond expectations.


Being in the DJ and Events industry for over 20 years, we are able to effectively communicate and coordinate with our expansive network to ensure we deliver consistent and reliable results.  

What We Provide

DJ Services
Event Planning and Management Services
Lighting Design

Photobooth Rentals
Audio/Visual Production Services
Budget Analysis

 Design Consultation
Venue & Location Scouting
Vendor Referrals

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Castlelight Films


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